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Fees seem to be an issue when it comes down to doing business. As both a consumer and business owner, I have respect for both peers and customers so here's a few things that are important when it comes to hiring a person to do a job for you.

1. Know what you want. If you don't, listen to the professional and let them guide you. Everyone is not built to do the same thing and you do what you do for a reason, we do what we do for a reason. We don't come to your salon, restaurant or whatever and tell you how to run it, so don't tell us how to run our business.

2. Stop saying you know somebody who can do it for less. Let them. (insert crickets) We know our worth and would rather not haggle with you, and you know what? It's OKAY!

3. Don't try to tell people they're prices are too high because your budget is too low. Find someone cheaper or do it yourself, those are your options. No one works for free. You wouldn't go to work without knowing a paycheck is coming and we aren't having it either.

4. Have your ish together when we ask for it. if we give you a list of items and 5 are missing and you're on a deadline, don't start whining about it's taking to long because you didn't do what you were supposed to. There are guidelines for a reason.

5. When it comes to design, there is no "small job" or "real quick edits". I've worked on a single document for two or more hours to get it right so please dispel this mindset.

6. All that glitters isn't gold. We all love glitter but don't need to see it everywhere. If you're thinking long term and diversity, lay off the glitter in design. It limits you and keeps you in a box that you don't know exists (but it does). Browse the shelves of large retailers, how many products have you seen with glitter packaging that aren't marketed to children?

7. Strive to be unique not a cookie cutter of someone else. What works for Anita may not work for Malika. Find your own uniqueness and build upon it.

8. Stop asking us to steal from other people. We can use someone else's work as a guide but we do not want to mimic it. (Well I don't.) Let the creative, create, that's why it's call creating not mimicking.

9. Your lack of preparation is not our emergency. Just because you waited until the eleventh hour to get something done, doesn't mean we are going to be all in. If lack of organization has you frazzled, you may want to slow down and pull it together. The world does not revolve around you.

10. We cannot and will not work with everyone. Don't take it personal, we may not be a good fit for you. And it's okay, you'll live, and so will we.

11. Remove your ego and attitude. It's childish and won't win you any favors. And yes we will be honest when people ask about you. Bad attitudes have killed many business deals, trust me.

12. Have patience. African was not built in a day and it took 9 months to make you. Relax, ask questions when you need to and chill the hell out. - OA2 Design Studio

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