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Why Your Logo Isn't Enough (Part I)

The first thing many business owners do when they’re planning is decide on a logo. Unfortunately the logo is just a mere portion of the branding pie. Branding your business involves more than a simple image and words. It’s about connecting with your potential customers and clients. Establishing your brand includes conveying your mission, what you stand for and what the benefits of using your brand entail.

It’s about the perception, not the logo.

What does this mean? Brands make selling easy. When consumers can identify with your brand, they will flock to it. Look it Starbucks, it sells coffee and inspires people to drink it. Disney stands for making dreams come true. When you know what you want to say, it’s easier to start planning your brand. When you’re doing this, remember people buy from brands they trust.

Brands do a number of things like encouraging consumer selection, building name awareness and increasing the odds of business survival. A logo is a part of your brand identity but so is a symbol or unique typeface. Think about Target’s logo, it is a target and it’s brilliant. Colors, package shape and even sounds or smells can be associated with your brand. It’s how people will remember you.

Other concepts to consider are your brand’s image and position (more on these later). Before you hire someone just for a logo, think about your brand’s image. Jot down ideas, find similar brands you respect and create a list of things you want your brand to have.

Happy branding.